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Waiting, hoping, dreaming

I have just returned home to London after a long stint living in Africa. 2 years ago when I moved to a ¬†little island in the middle of Lake Victoria to study chimpanzees I had no idea of what to expect. Who would have guessed that by going off to live literally in the middle of nowhere–total population 120 inhabitants–I would find my love (DD). 1 year on since meeting DD I am back in London with a broken arm and lots of chimpanzee poo in the laboratory. I am waiting to have surgery. I never thought I would be so happy to be sliced open. But after enduring 2 hellish months of pain, incompetent doctors and sadistic nurses in Tanzania I finally came to my senses and returned home to Britain and its wonderful doctors. This blog is about my move to Berlin which will take place in 3 months time (fingers crossed). My preparations, house hunting, learning a new language, as well as, exploring the city.